The bundle to beat all bundles!

only $447

Includes the NEW Undated EmpowerYou Planner, One 1-hour consultation, the 5-course bundle and the Money Monday's coaching all for $447!

Empower Your Future and Unleash the Potential of Every Day

Take Control - Achieve Goals

Live Life On Your Own Terms

Reduced financial stress and anxiety

The stress and anxiety in finances comes from the seen and unseen. The quarterly tracking sheets allow you to see how different life can be in a very short amount of time. .

Elimination of missed payments and late fees

Those fees add up quick and unnecessarily take away from your household budget. Stay on top of paydays and pending due dates with the monthly calendar.feature.

Efficient & effective budgeting

The monthly financial tracking sheets are perfect for noting all payments, yearly subscriptions and unexpected expenses.

Ease in tracking of expenses

In addition to the montly tracking sheets, note your weekly spending and watch for trends. Start those good habits in week one!.

Financial goal achievement

Goals are meant to be tracked AND achieved. With your game plan, a little hard work and the right tools, you will be well on your way to realizing your dreams.

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