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"If you're on the fence about booking a consultation with Eva Palacios JUST DO IT!!"

I've been very uncomfortable and frustrated with finances all my life because I didn't understand the principles. Just this one call has gave me confidence and a game plan for my financial life. Words cannot describe how much of a blessing she is, I now understand how credit works. Take control of your life, we don't gotta suffer because of what we don't know. Thank you.

-Antorius Kelly

Built With You In Mind

This community and its coaching is for people like you who want to:

🎯Targeted Improvement

Here we help you
improve your personal finances and credit score and move closer to achieving the financial goals you have set for yourself.


Gain fundamental knowledge of personal finance and personal credit and use that information to level up in ways you have never imagined.

🎯Game Plan

Get a personalized game plan, expertly crafted and personalized for you and the goals you want to achieve.


Join a community of like-minded individuals who are on the path to winning the personal finances game regardless of their past or present situation.

A Suite of Options for Your Situation

Choose where you want to come in and grow your financial future.


Learn from an industry expert and receive a customized game plan that is specific to your situation and needs. Select a plan that is right for you and see your credit score improve in 30-60 days!


Receive financial literacy from the best. The EmpowerYou Financial Literacy program contains 90+ videos that will teach you how to understand your credit report, build a credit portfolio, money management, home ownership, long term planning and how to use credit to pay for your lifestyle.


There is nothing more amazing that knowing you are not alone. Credit can be scary and if you have challenges, you may even feel embarrassed. Within the EmpowerYou Financial community, you have a safe space to ask questions, share your wins and celebrate others. We are a tribe and we are in this TOGETHER!

Personal Finances are HARD - They Didn't Teach This in School!

Sound Familiar?

Your are struggling with improving your credit score and getting out of debt and becoming financially free.

Or Maybe This?

You are trying to improve your finances by learning how to budget, save and invest through YouTube.

In This You??

You want to leverage credit to build wealth and finance your lifestyle but not sure where to start.

Does This Fit?

You want more confidence when managing your personal finances and making critical financial decisions.

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